Peninsula of Sithonia

Many people believe that the peninsula of Sithonia is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. They are not wrong. It combines with a unique way the mountain and sea, pine trees lay over the water, the blue and the green in harmony dominate the landscape. Countless beaches for every taste, isolated, turquoise, deep, shallow, with white sand, with pine trees and beach bars appear after every corner. Sithonia in summer is a place full of colors, aromas and romance.

In Nikiti and Marmaras you will find amazing beaches with cosmopolitan nightlife. Continuing in Toroni and Porto Coufo you will discover turquoise waters and hidden beach bars. Making the turn at the edge of the peninsula the landscape becomes wild. Mount Athos dominates right across Sukia and Sarti. Reaching Vourvourou, you will gaze upon the complex of 12 beautiful isles. Making the round of Sithonia will leave you speechless.

Conquering the mountain is another emotional adventure. The view is amazing, especially with a clear atmosphere the visibility is so good that you can see even Sporades and Pelio. Huge rocks are abandoned here and lie there as if planted and the fresh air of the mount revives body and mind.

The magic of Sithonia will steal your heart forever.

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