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Activities In The Area

The whole area of Halkidiki and especially Sithonia gives you the opportunity for a series of activities that will make your time here unforgettable.

Driving around Sithonia during summer months is a must. You will have the chance to discover isolated turquoise beaches, you will drive through the vineyards of Karras, you will stand over enormous rocks in Kartalia at the south edge of the peninsula of Sithonia, you can visit for an afternoon drink the hidden among the pine trees beach bars on the east coast.

The one day trip with a boat from Ormos Panagias to Mount Athos will fill you with images of another era. For the men, staying a few days in a monastery is considered to be a lifetime experience.

Water sports are of course not absent in Halkidiki. Also, you can have lessons in scuba-diving and explore the rich depths of the area. Alternatively, renting a boat or a sailing boat will give you the opportunity to discover the group of small isles in Vourvourou.

Finally, for the nature lovers, mountain Dragoudelis in Sithonia as well as Cholomontas in central Halkidiki are ideal destination for a summer walk amongst pine trees, oaks, firs and beeches. Especially, during May-June and September-October the hotel organizes mushroom hunting excursions!